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What is this course?


Prayer (Tefillah) is the Jewish tradition’s core spiritual practice. The Rabbinic tradition calls it Avodah she’Balev - literally, “devotion of the heart”. It is a practice of connecting with the Divine through the prism of our own soul, that engages the body, heart and mind. This course offers a holistic approach to encountering Tefillah as the spiritual devotion that it is. 


Drawing from the full range of Biblical, Rabbinic, Kabbalistic and Chassidic sources, this course provides an entryway into the states of mind, heart and body from which an inner experience of Tefillah can emerge. Participants will gain knowledge and practical tools to help them develop and deepen their own personal practice in Tefillah through a meditative, embodied approach. 


Topics covered include:


  • Exploring the nature of Kavanah (focused attention) and ways to develop it

  • Approaching Tefillah as a path of spiritual intimacy

  • Transforming Tefillah from prescribed ritual into a personal practice

  • Uncovering the embodied practices in the postures of Tefillah


The course combines text study (all texts provided in Hebrew and English), guided practice and a forum for group processing and ongoing support. The content is appropriate for advanced students and novices alike, although a basic familiarity with Jewish prayer will be valuable.

How does it work?

The course consists of six classes, of approximately 1.25 hours, which participants can watch or listen to at their own convenience. 


Sessions consist of close study of texts and are be accompanied by guided practice. 

Please note that Kavanah: The Inner Path of Prayer is the first of two back-to-back courses Rabbi Ami is offering on Tefillah.


The next course, Shemoneh Esrei: A Contemplative Journey Through Prayer, is a 10-session course that unpacks the structure and words of the central daily prayer - the Shemoneh Esrei or Amidah - and presents it as a powerful, contemplative practice.


The two courses are standalone, but participants have an option to sign up for both courses at a reduced rate.

Each session includes:


1) A recorded class, in which Rav Ami leads a 1.25 hour study session. Sessions include a close reading of Jewish texts in their original, clearly translated and explained, together with relevant background information and discussion. 

These sessions can be listened to or watched at your convenience. 


2) A printable handout of relevant texts from Biblical, Rabbinic, Kabbalistic and Chassidic sources, provided in full translation with introductory comments and guiding questions.

3) A guided practice, informed by the study session and offered with clear instruction by Rabbi Ami, provided in both audio and video format.

4) An open channel to the teacher, to process the journey through the teachings and practices of each class.

The Six Sessions


1) Evolutionary Tefillah 

This session is a search for the roots of prayer - in the human soul and psyche, and in the context of the ecosystem in which we live and breathe. Through Rabbinic and Chassidic texts, we will explore prayer as part and parcel of fulfilling our role in the process of Creation. 

2) Kavanah: Cultivating Intention

“Kavanah” is the term for the focused attention that is a prerequisite to prayer. This session will present the primary frameworks for defining Kavanah, and practices that help guide us toward focused, engaged prayer.

3) The Art of “Being With”: Prayer as Spiritual Intimacy


Tefillah is meant to be an intimate encounter between ourselves and the Divine. How do we make sense of this in the context of the practice of prayer? How can we approach tefillah - and experience it - in this way?


4) Three Steps: Stepping Out of Exile 


The central Tefillah - the Shemoneh Esrei or Amidah prayer - begins by taking three steps and reciting a verse from Psalms. We will explore how this seemingly small practice frames our approach to the Divine, and offers a powerful invitation to bring our whole selves into the experience of prayer.


5) Baruch: Bending Into Life


Our prayers are filled with blessings, with making “brachot.” This session explores the meaning of “bracha” and offers an active and conscious approach of engaging in the act of blessing.


6) Bowing and Standing: Embodying Presence


This session explores the primary body postures in prayer - standing (“amidah”), bowing and rising. Using the Kabbalistic kavanot (meditations) of the Arizal, we will learn how to incorporate mindful body practices into Tefillah.

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This course showed me why "אין קדושה בלי הכנה" - There is no holiness (sacred spark) without preparation (focused intention). This year, R' Ami's eye and heart-opening teachings accompanied me from Rosh Hashana through Yom Kippur and into Sukkot. It is no coincidence that I had one of the most enriching high holiday seasons of recent memory.

 - Karin Fleisch


I do a lot of Jewish education and community work in Germany and France, and in the run-up to the high holidays I was very busy with practical preparations. Taking Rabbi Ami Silver's course was a gift to myself, a framework to let me focus on my own process and inner preparations. It was a fulfilling experience. Old texts were made fresh and deepened with Ami's sensitive readings, he reminded us how powerful and relevant they were, and how they could be guides for the places we needed to work on. For me, it really enriched the high holiday season.

 - Josh Weiner


I've had the privilege to learn with Rav Ami in several different settings, both in person and online. Learning with Rav Ami Silver provides the ongoing nourishment that both my mind and heart seek for sound well being… Rav Ami's style of teaching naturally opens my heart, especially cultivating the courage to move along uncharted areas within my own inner emotional landscape… Learning with Rav Ami quenches my soul's thirst to engage with text that brings me closer to the Divine Presence within me and around me.  He offers a comprehensive well balanced experience of understanding text as a means to inform one's own spiritual contemplative practice - and with the additional treat of his warm smile, soft voice and passionate presence.

 - Yiscah Smith, spiritual activist, educator, mentor and meditation guide

Rabbi Ami is the kind of teacher who can make you forget you're in a "class." Nothing feels formal or formulaic; rather Ami shares his incredible depth of knowledge with a care and gentleness that feels like you're engaged in an in-depth conversation, soul to soul. He creates a space that is built of acceptance, curiosity, and devotion to the Jewish spiritual path. After learning with him for over a year in various contexts, I can honestly say that if he's teaching it, no matter what it is, it's worthwhile to sign up because it is sure to fill you with inspiration and meaning.
- Ariel Hendelman

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