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Hernán Cortez re-members Malinche

Hernán Cortez re-members Malinche

México Tenochtitlan- August 17, 1521

I met God at her center

and prayed to the opening

of her lower lips. I became

a hermit reading the sacred

etched texts on her flesh

to find a new spelling of

my name at her navel

where I rendered

her in carnelian red

She is the center of the universe,

I do not care what Galileo will preach,

She is the real sun,

gravitating my heart

pulse to my dune’s edge

and swallows me holy

I could not stop the sin-

king, sliding bare skin,

my being, whole and

rushing into blood alchemy

I will sail in her

veins for all eternity

Sex is the real battlefield.

She is unafraid of my unveiled

sword, I failed to erase that

deep indigo hummingbird

written on her chest,

When I come closer, her eyes

become obsidian mirror glaze,

I willingly drown in her water

I anchor myself as deep as

our ships first embraced