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This beautiful and moving psalm is inserted into our prayer services during the fall season, as we re-turn towards the New Year and Yom Kippur.


The words of the psalm portray the human search for hope in the face of grave challenges and offer powerful words of deep encouragement. 


Please scroll down to watch the video of Rabbi Daniel's rap interpretation of the psalm, and to download free sources and lesson plans based on it. The lessons plans are designed to help people appreciate the psalm, and to create their own prayers, songs, raps or psalms.


The lesson plan uses the original psalm, the rap version and a broad range of commentaries as a basis for the students or participants to write creatively about their own inner experiences and emotions. 

The original psalm can be found here.

To hear the entire 3-song EP, Rapping the Psalms, please click here or here.

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These resources are freely offered. We very much appreciate any financial contribution you can make, which goes toward the cost of producing them.

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