A Light on New Beginnings

Reading Genesis with the Me’or Enayim: An Eleven-session course with Rabbah Dr. Mira Neshama Weil

  • Starts Oct 19
  • Online

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What is this course?

Can studying the Torah as a spiritual practice help us begin anew this year? The Me’or Enayim (Light of the Eyes) is one of the most spiritually powerful commentaries on the Torah. It is comprised of sermons given by Reb Menachem Nachum of Tchernobyl (1730-1797), a close friend and student of the Ba'al Shem Tov, who will be our guide in opening the Torah anew, and renewing our lives, in 5783. Reb Menachem invites us, through his luminous comments on the text and analysis of the lives of the characters in this most fascinating and dramatic first book of the Chumash, to explore and connect to the possibility of tshuvah (return) and tikkun (repair) in our own lives. Together, we will learn to see Bereshit (Genesis), and ourselves, with new eyes. We will become acquainted with Chasidic thinking and the various levels of Torah reading (pshat, remez, drash, sod) at play in mystical commentaries. We will explore the text as a resource for contemplative wisdom and practical ethics that we can apply in our everyday lives. The course combines text study (all texts provided in Hebrew and English) with times for questions and sharing, short guided meditation, practice prompts to keep growing in between sessions, and a forum for group processing and ongoing support. Students will be invited from the first session to match with a spiritual chavruta (partner) with whom they will share their practice throughout the course. HOW DOES IT WORK? ​ The course consists of 11 classes, one for each portion of Bereshit which Reb Menachem comments on. Classes are 75 mn each, and participants can participate in live, or watch later at your own convenience.    Sessions consist of close study of texts and are be accompanied by guided practice, and practice instructions to keep engaging at home and with a chavruta in between sessions.  ​​ Each session includes:   1) A recorded class, in which Rabbah Dr. Mira Neshama leads a 75 mn study and meditation session.   2) A printable handout of the relevant texts, provided in full translation. ​ 3) A guided practice, informed by the stud session and offered with clear instructions by Mira, provided in both audio and video format. ​ 4) An open channel to the teacher and other AJS course participants, to process the journey through the teachings and practices of each class. DATES AND TIMES Wednesdays, October 19 - December 28, at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK / 8pm.