Tammuz Community Mini-Retreat

Holding the Broken and the Whole Together with R' Daniel Silverstein

  • Starts Jul 3
  • Online

What is this course?

Come join our global community and Rabbi Daniel as we meditate, learn, share and sing together for this special gathering in honor of the month of Tammuz. In many respects, Tammuz is the start our journey of Teshuvah (return) toward the New Year and Yom Kippur. Within this context, all of our learning and embodied practice will be directed toward compassionately holding that which is broken along with that which is whole, in ourselves and our world. In Tammuz, our calendar marks the breaking of the first tablets by Moses with a fast day on the 17th day of the month, which traditionally begins three weeks of mourning and introspective reflection on what is lacking, missing and broken, within and without. The first tablets given by the Infinite One to the Israelites were shattered when Moses saw the people worshipping the golden calf (Exodus 32). After 120 days of prayer and Teshuvah (Return), on the first Yom Kippur there was a revelation of intense Divine compassion, and the Infinite One and Moses co-created a second set of tablets, which would be the basis for a new stage and quality of relationship (Exodus 34). After this momentous reconciliation, one might think that the shattered shards of the first tablets would be an awkward, unwelcome reminder of the people's previous behavior. And yet, our Sages teach that the new tablets and the fragments of the first tablets were both put together into the Holy Ark which stood at the very center of the Holy of Holies, the spatial heart of our relationship with the Divine (Bava Batra 14b). This act has profound implications for how we hold and relate to the broken and whole pieces of ourselves and the world around us. Join us as we learn, discuss and share what it means for each of us, and and practice embodying it in ways that we can carry forward into our daily lives. No experience with learning or meditation is assumed. Clear instructions will be given for all practices. All texts are provided in Hebrew and English translation. This course is open to novices and advanced learners and practitioners of all backgrounds and orientations. This online mini-retreat will take place on Sunday July 3 at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UK / 6pm Israel, for 3 hours. The standard registration fee for this event is $45. As with all our events and courses, we do not want finances to be a barrier to participation. If the cost is prohibitive for you, please contact R' Daniel to request subsidized registration.