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Discovering a New Self - Within & Beyond

Eight-session course with Yiscah Smith on the Aish Kodesh

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What is this course?

This course explores teachings from the Piaseczner Rebbe’s magnum opus Aish Kodesh (Holy Fire), a unique collection of extraordinary sermons given during World War II. The first three weeks will focus on preparing ourselves for the High Holiday season, featuring the first entry that was delivered on Rosh HaShanah 1939, shortly after Germany invaded Poland. After a break for the holidays, the course will pick up with teachings on several of the Torah portions that we read as we begin the New Year. The Piaseczner was a mystic, pioneering educator and a highly evolved spiritual guide and innovator. He addresses the situation of his fellow Jews with humility, authenticity and faith. His radical teachings hold enduring relevance for us today, especially as a source for cultivating spiritual resilience, renewal and inner redemption. The Piaseczner views Jewish living and tradition as a spiritual practice. His progressive ideas discuss the spiritual nature of our body, mind and heart, how we awaken to the Divine presence within us, and how we can integrate these components and expressions of the Jewish experience into one whole healthy being. His teachings are devoted to a profoundly holistic approach to the spiritual life and service of the Divine. It is difficult to comprehend how the Rebbe was able to weave this type of redemptive, radical and renewed consciousness into his teachings during this horrific period. And yet, he did. And in that vein he guides us, walks with us and provides companionship for us as we begin to encounter a deeper dimension of ourselves in the New Year. HOW DOES IT WORK? The course consists of eight interactive online sessions, of approximately 1.25 hours. Each class includes two essential components: 1) A close text-based study of the Piaseczner’s teachings on Jewish spiritual growth. 2) A guided meditative practice focusing on the particular theme studied in that class and how that nurtures and cultivates the awareness of our deeper selves – our spiritual center. Each participant will receive a printable source sheet in the original Hebrew with English translation. After each session, all course participants will receive the recording of the session. A WhatsApp group will be set up for sharing and discussion with the teacher and each other. DATES AND TIMES Mondays, Sep 05 – 19 (3 classes) and Oct 24 – Nov 21 (5 classes) at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK / 7pm Israel, for 1.25 hours.