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Free trial of Dreaming with the Torah

Free sample class of a eight-session course with Sarah Chandler on unlocking our dreams

  • Starts Jan 31
  • Online

Available spots

What is this course?

This is the option to sample the first class in an eight-session course. In this online course, we explore biblical, talmudic, and kabbalistic methodologies for exploring our dreams and examining the Torah as a dream. Your teacher is Sarah Chandler, who has been studying kabbalistic dream work at the School of Images ( founded by Catherine Shainberg, PhD since 2013. We will explore Torah stories as dreams, using the DreamOpening® method developed by Catherine, to facilitate the four layers of understanding: pshat, remes, drash and sod, as well as exploring our own dreams through these lenses. We will use the DreamOpening® method first with the Book of Esther, then as a dream circle where each of us will give wisdom as a response to our dreams. This course is for those interested in delving into the deeper aspects of the Torah using ancient tools of this kabbalistic lineage dating back 800 years to Isaac the Blind. Together, we will engage both with the texts themselves and our own dreams. All texts are provided in Hebrew and English translation. This course is open to novices and advanced learners of all backgrounds and orientations. HOW IT WORKS Torah of Dreams consists of 8 online classes, each engaging a primary text (Bible or Talmud) as well as space to practice dream work with a “dream council.” Each week, students are encouraged to “bring a dream” - write down what you recall from a dream and then tell that dream to your classmates. The dream council, made up of the students in the class, will hear the dream and give their “dream of this dream.” Classes are 75 minutes long. Participants are invited to join live or watch later on at your own convenience. Each session includes: 1) An interactive online class incorporating teaching, practice, and discussion. The recording of each session will be sent out afterward. 2) A printable handout of the relevant texts, provided in full translation. 3) Space to tell and reflect on dreams that come to us during the course. Support from the teacher and classmates on how to work with the dreams for deeper meaning and understanding. WHEN IS IT? The free trial first class is on Tuesday, Jan 31 at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK / 7pm Israel and the relevant hours in your time zones, for 75 minutes each time. The session will be recorded, and participants will be sent the recording afterward.

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