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Free Trial of Practice the Practice

Sample first session of an eight-session course with Yiscah Smith on Breathing Meditation

  • Starts Jun 5
  • Online

Available spots

What is this course?

This is the option to try the first session of an eight-session course with Yiscah Smith, as a free trial. This course will address actual how-to techniques for cultivating mindfulness, based on traditional spiritual texts. Together, we will explore contemplative and meditative practices that bring the practitioner closer to their inner selves — the inner chamber within all of us, where the Divine Presence dwells. Specifically, the curriculum focuses on cultivating two spiritual practices: breathing and quieting of the mind. Our guiding text will be Rav DovBer Pinson’s Breathing and Quieting of The Mind, part of his Jewish Meditation Series (IYYUN Publishing, 2014). Like a wellspring bubbling forth, Rav Pinson shares beautiful and highly effective teachings from Hasidic masters. We shall explore these jewels of inspiration with R’ Pinson’s commentary. To quote the author, “On the informational side, there are many books dedicated to exploring the underlying principles of Kabbalah and deeper dimensions of Torah. Few have chosen, however, to explore the actual experience of Kabbalah and spiritual practice; the transformational side…[we are] not merely interested in what the sages and Tzadikim taught, but rather, what they did.” (p.1) Over the years, many students have asked me, “When do we learn techniques — methodologies that I can actually acquire and use in my spiritual practice?” My answer to this important question: “NOW!” HOW DOES IT WORK? The course consists of eight live online sessions, of approximately 1.25 hours. Each class is recorded as well and is sent out to all registrants following each class, so participants can watch and listen to the recordings at their own leisure. Each class includes three essential components:   1) An exploration of several sections in Rav Dovber Pinson’s book, Breathing and Quieting The Mind. The source sheet will be sent out each week prior to the class. ​ 2) A guided meditative practice utilizing the method studied in class. This nurtures and cultivates spiritual practice, as it brings theory to actual experience and actualizing the potential. 3) The concluding 15 minutes is time dedicated to participants sharing their experiences during the sit as well as asking questions that may arise from both the text and the sit. WHEN IS IT? Monday, 05 JUN 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK / 7pm Israel and the relevant hours in your time zones, for 75 minutes.

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