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Free Trial - Piaseczner's Journal Pt. II

Opportunity to sample the first of eight sessions with Yiscah Smith

  • Starts Jul 22
  • Online

Available spots

What is this course?

This is the option to try the first session of this eight session course as a free trial. The Piaseczner Rebbe, known for his radical and innovative thinking, invites us to explore his own challenges and struggles in his spiritual last will and testament, Tzav v’Ziruz - A Charge and Encouragement. His journal gives us a glimpse into his personal spiritual world. He speaks intimately and directly about himself, providing us with support, encouragement and healthy role-modeling. The Piaseczner’s words become a balm for our much-needed soul healing. This spiritually sensitive mystic faces head-on the challenges of individuation, living in one’s own unique truth, putting remorse into action, swimming against public opinion, becoming who you really are, journeying into nature, dissolving the ego-self, facing God after confronting death and honoring the power of joy and tears. The Piaseczner, in his first entry, invites us, to do exactly what he shares with us, “Record your inner life in a journal...not to earn immortal fame as an author, but rather to engrave your soul-portrait on paper. Write down all your inner struggles, your setbacks and successes...This way your very essence, the personality of your soul, your spiritual attainments, your life’s inner treasures, will live on forever in the lives of your spiritual heirs as generations come and go.” HOW DOES IT WORK? The course consists of eight live online sessions, of approximately 1.25 hours.

Each class is recorded as well and is sent out to all registrants following each class, so participants can watch and listen to the recordings at their own leisure.

Each class includes three essential components: 1) An exploration of selected entries in the Piaseczner’s Tzav v’Ziruz. The source sheet will be sent out each week prior to the class. 2) A guided contemplative practice reflecting on that week’s teachings. You become your own chavrutah—learning partner— as you review the entries with your own mind and heart. 
3) The concluding 15 minutes is time dedicated to participants sharing their experiences during the sit as well as asking questions that may arise from both the text and the sit. WHEN IS IT? Monday, 22 JUL at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK / 7pm Israel and the relevant hours in your time zones, for 75 minutes. Please contact R' Daniel if you would like to request subsidized registration.

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