Purify My Heart Retreat

Rosh Chodesh Elul Immersion

  • Starts Aug 25

Available spots

What is this course?

Full details, registration and payment here: https://forms.gle/SCuNNraSG4XpqsBk7 Quieting minds and healing wounds, compassionately fostering Teshuvah (return to our highest selves and our Divine root). Weaving Yoga, Chi Kung, breath, Torah, writing and song into our foundational meditation practice as we prepare for closer union with Hashem in the month of Elul. The letters of 'Elul' are an acronym for אני לדודי ודודי לי "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine" (Song of Songs 6:3), and this teaching will guide us throughout the retreat. The retreat will be facilitated by seasoned guide Rabbi Daniel Silverstein, in collaboration with Nadav & Michal Slovin. Our immersion will be a silent meditation retreat, limiting speech to our opening and closing circles, personal conversations with our facilitators, in addition to song and hitbodedut. About the retreat center: Our gorgeous retreat center overlooking the powerful Judean hills is rustic and comfortable. All food will be strictly kosher, Rabbanut hechsher. Cost: 990₪ Limited options for work exchange costing 500₪ are available - please indicate your request on the form. Work exchange involves setting and cleaning up for a segment of our meals. Downpayment and Cancellation: We are requesting full payment at registration. Your payment will be fully refunded if you cancel within 48 hours of registration. Thereafter, cancellations prior to August 18th will be fully refunded excluding a 200₪ downpayment. Cancellations after August 18th will not be refunded. Full details, payment and registration here: https://forms.gle/SCuNNraSG4XpqsBk7