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Visions of a Compassionate World

Six-session course with Rabbah Dr. Mira Neshama Weil on groundbreaking visualization practices

  • Started May 9
  • Online

Available spots

What is this course?

Many of us are aware that much of the suffering we experience is created by stories our mind, or our ego tells us. From our childhoods, our minds fashion representations - images of reality that we end up believing, which affect our encounter with reality. One of the most powerful of these illusions may be forgetting how small we are in the universe, and how deeply interconnected we all are. Resetting these representations, by visualizing our real place in the world, visualizing the way emotions work, or visualizing the future from a place of groundedness and connection, are powerful practices that can help us live more skillfully and authentically. Our guiding text in this course is a seminal work of Hasidic hitbonenut (contemplation), the vizualisation meditations taught by the early 20th Century Hasidic Rebbe, Reb Menachem Eckstein. Each class will move from text, with time for Q &A, to the practice - guided meditation. In addition, practice instructions are suggested each week so that students can learn to integrate the teachings in their daily lives. Students will be invited from the first session to match with a spiritual chavruta with whom they will share their practice throughout the course. All texts are provided in Hebrew and English translation. This course is open to novices and advanced learners of all backgrounds and orientations. HOW IT WORKS The course consists of 6 sessions of 75 minutes each. Each session includes: 1) A live, online class, in which Rabbah Dr. Mira Neshama leads a 75 mn study and meditation session. Sessions include a close reading of Jewish texts in their original, clearly translated and explained, together with relevant background information and discussion. 2) A printable handout of chosen sections from the book, provided in full translation with introductory comments and guiding questions. ​ 3) A guided practice, informed by the study session and offered with clear instructions by Mira, provided in both audio and video format. ​ 4) An open channel to the teacher and other AJS course participants, to process the journey through the teachings and practices of each class. DATES AND TIMES Tuesdays, May 9 - June 13, at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK / 7pm Israel and the relevant hours in your time zones, for 75 minutes each time. Every session will be recorded, and participants will be sent the recordings afterward. Please contact R' Daniel if you would like to request subsidized registration.

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