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This recorded class with Yiscah Smith is a gateway to experiencing Shavuot - the time of the Giving of our Torah - as an opportunity to experience the celestial union of Soul with soul, Being with being, Essence with essence.


On 12 June 1940, the Piaseczner Rebbe, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira, shared with his hasidim and disciples in the Warsaw Ghetto, a teaching that reveals his unwavering faith, capacity and determination to transcend the external circumstances in which he found himself and Warsaw Jewry.


As a shepherd gently leads his flock, amidst confusion, poverty, hunger and the absence of all Jewish communal institutions, the Piaseczner shares his inspiring, radical and redemptive understanding of how Shavuot can transport each of us to a place of spiritual comfort, encouragement and hope.


Ultimately, he opens for us the possibility of intimate union with the Divine, through the gateway of our own inner experience.

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