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Applied Jewish Spirituality, is a home for deep, accessible online courses and resources on the texts and practices of Jewish meditation and spirituality. 

Our mission is to bring life-changing wisdom and practical guidance to anyone seeking them.


Because the once-secret ideas and practices of our spiritual teachers, particularly those of the Kabbalists and Chasidic Masters, are much-needed in today's world.  

They have already helped many people find new avenues to healing, inspiration and wholeness, and we want to share these gifts with all whose path leads them here.

As experienced teachers of both Judaism and mindfulness, our faculty is uniquely placed to translate the riches of our tradition for the needs and opportunities of the current moment. 

AJS is proud to be in collaborative partnership with HaMakom and Neshama.


For more information about us, please read about our faculty,

check out our Frequently Asked Questions or simply be in touch

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