What is this course?


Join us for some or all of our year-long journey through the ideas and practices which Kabbalah draws our attention to in each month of the calendar.


In this course, taught by Rabbi Daniel Silverstein, we will delve into the theory and practice of Kabbalistic techniques for improving the quality of who we are, what we do and all of our interactions with others. Our calendar's wisdom will guide our work, and we will explore the depths of each month's unique character, festivals and other special days. 


Participants in the course will explore topics such as: eating and drinking; music; self-care; breathing; joy; despair; dancing; prayer; concentration and distraction; anger; story-telling; speech; self-acceptance; routine; spontaneity and more.


The texts we’ll study are drawn from the entire wellspring of our tradition, from the Torah itself through to modern masterpieces, with a significant emphasis on radical Kabbalistic and Chasidic works. All texts are provided with clear line-by-line translations, and no prior knowledge or experience with the subject matter is necessary.


The course is a 2-hour commitment per month, comprising two 1-hour recorded classes, which can be either watched or listened to at your convenience. Of course, participants are welcome to invest more time in learning the materials, doing the spiritual practices of each month and interacting with the teacher or other participants, but that is entirely optional.


How does it work?


Torah, Kabbalah and Meditation for Our Daily Lives is a year-long journey which you are welcome to join for a trial month, or for the entire year at a discounted rate.

Each month, participants will explore a new module, a unique approach to our inner work based on millennia of wisdom about that month's spiritual work. Each module includes:


1) A printable handout of Jewish textual sources providing a broad and deep perspective of the relevant subjects in Torah and Kaballah, provided in full translation with introductory comments and guiding questions.


2) Two 1-hour recorded classes exploring the sources, providing context, close reading, critical analysis and ideas for application in our day-to-day lives. Each class is an hour long and participants are invited to watch or listen to the recordings at their own convenience.


3) Clear and down-to-earth instructions for that month’s spiritual practice.


4) An ongoing online conversation about the sources and the practices. Here you can ask anything you like, share whatever thoughts and ideas are arising for you, and receive feedback from Rabbi Daniel and, if you choose, from other participants as well.


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"Learning with Rabbi Daniel has transformed my understanding of Judaism and Kabbalah. He brings down deep wisdom from the sages of our tradition with an eye towards application to daily life. In particular, I appreciate learning with him because we study the original texts, but he presents the ideas in a down-to-earth manner." 

- Kalman K., Stanford University

"To be a female, Jewish-identifying, multi-faith curious, mystic, modern person, I find it grounding and uplifting to learn Kabbalistic perspectives with Rabbi Daniel. I’m now in my second year of the course and intend to continue through as many cycles as are offered, and I highly recommend this learning journey to any seeker." 

- Lisa R., Portland, Oregon

"Thank you Rabbi Daniel for this opportunity to learn with you, for your carefully constructed course content, brilliant insights into the wisdom of our tradition and lovely warmth and humour. I have personally gained a lot of knowledge and you have inspired me to explore new ideas for my Jewish Yoga and Meditation teaching (Yoga Havaya)."  

- Deborah Wilfond, Jerusalem

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