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AJS Director Rabbi Daniel Raphael Silverstein writes and performs music and poetry under the stage name Danny Raphael. This song is inspired by many of our spiritual teachings about Rosh Hashana, but also the unique experience that we all share going into this particular New Year season.

Rosh Hashana always falls as the days shorten and the nights lengthen. As the skies darken, we usually gather together to give one another strength, and to renew our commitment to life.


This year, we all need to find new ways to support ourselves and one another as we go forward into this new chapter.

To this end, Daniel has created a document with the teachings that the song is based on, in parallel to the lyrics to which they relate. These include some very powerful spiritual teachings about Rosh Hashana and its relevance to us today, from great Kabbalists and Chasidic Masters.


To obtain a copy, please click here and write the message "New Heart."

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