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Kislev 5783

We can’t see a seed of light In the brightness of the day. Arrow of rose quartz Resting on my chest Its six-sided column; One end pointing Toward my heart, Tiferet. The other, The full roundness Of my mouth, Samech. This is the crystal I bought On the Island of Death, After you died, mom. I bought it Because you had died. On the threshold Of the month of dreams, Deep in that light Only darkness reveals, Trust moves me to sleep. Right hand surrounding The stone ‘round my neck, The stone I placed there, Dreaming herself opens. There was a bat In my living room. It flew out The open doorway To my home, While heavy Torah scroll Leaned fully against My heart. Facing early morning darkness, An irregular cloud Of black bats converge, Flying directly Toward my open vessel: Their alternate perspective, Is most welcome here. Yesterday, Following this dream, I dressed for you, Beloved, And took You to my bed. I don’t yet understand Why my heart is on my left side, The side of Gevurah, Unless it means That it is your heart, That is more precious Than my own. I think this, My ear listening, As a drum pulses On the right side Of your chest, k.d.lang smoothly crooning In the background, “Sometimes, All I need is the air That I breathe, And to love you.” Laying down In Teshuvah, In the glory of Hod Humbly I (re)turn to You. You are always there. Torah teaches Our leaving, For home, Is always In the direction Of love. Tiferet Welch 23rd November 2022.


For more of Tiferet Welch's poetry, please visit her poetry channel or her Ritualwell profile.


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