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Morning Blessings: Inspiration To Start the Day

Before the moon has set

Before the sun has risen

When the first birds call out the beginning of the new day,

As I open my eyes and gratitude seeps from my heart …. I utter these words with the new breath You have given me in such gratefulness.

Modah ani l’fanecha, melech chai v’kayam.

I offer thanks to you

Ever-living Sovereign

That you have restored my soul to me in mercy, how great is your trust!

Shiviti Adonai l’negdi tamid

I set Adonai before me always

(Psalms 16 :8-9)

Mah gadlu maasecha Adonai,

M’od amku machshevotecha .

How great are your works Adonai,

How very profound your designs

(Psalms 92 :6)


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