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What I Saw Under the Tallis

This is a small book with 7 illustrations of memories as a child under my father's Tallis (prayer shawl) during the Priestly Blessing (Birkat HaKohanim).

At a time of danger and fear, after the events of 10/7, I wanted to find a secure refuge where just as at Simha Torah morning, when the tragedy happened, I was back in my mind under my father's protection.

The custom in Italy is for each family to join the elder male under his Tallis to be blessed together as a family. 

These images are showing what I could see from under the Tallis with my two sisters, a small opening to be able to breath from under the hot, protective, wonderful  moments being blessed, looking at all the other families under their family’s Tallis-tents. 

The book has its own Tzitzit (tassels)…it opens up like the Tallis. 

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What a wonderful and evocative offering. I especially love the tassles. Thank you for sharing it here. (Chana Toni)

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