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Have you ever wondered about the real-life struggles our great luminaries have had to endure? The Piaseczner Rebbe, known for his radical and innovative thinking, gives us permission to do exactly this.


And, he invites us to explore his own challenges and struggles in his spiritual last will and testament, Tzav v’Ziruz - A Charge and Encouragement. His journal gives us a glimpse into his personal spiritual world. He speaks intimately and directly about himself, providing us with support, encouragement and healthy role-modeling. The Piaseczner’s words become a balm for our much-needed soul healing.


This spiritually sensitive mystic faces head-on the challenges of individuation, living in one’s own unique truth, putting remorse into action, swimming against public opinion, becoming who you really are, journeying into nature, dissolving the ego-self, facing God after confronting death and honoring the power of joy and tears.


The Piaseczner, in his first entry, invites us, to do exactly what he shares with us, “Record your inner life in a journal...not to earn immortal fame as an author, but rather to engrave your soul-portrait on paper. Write down all your inner struggles, your setbacks and successes...This way your very essence, the personality of your soul, your spiritual attainments, your life’s inner treasures, will live on forever in the lives of your spiritual heirs as generations come and go.”


How does it work?


The course consists of eight recorded online sessions, of approximately 1.25 hours. Participants can watch and listen to the recordings at your own leisure.

Each class includes three essential components:

1) An exploration of selected entries in Tzav v’Ziruz, in original Hebrew and English translation.


2) A guided contemplative practice reflecting on that session’s teachings.


3) The concluding 15 minutes of each session is dedicated to sharing and Q & A from the participants who attended the live sessions.




"Yiscah brings warmth and approachability to her teachings—along with a clear connection with the Divine and with the sacred spiritual texts that she shares. Whether one is a novice or more familiar with Jewish spirituality, you will find yourself welcome in the space she holds for everyone.  One of my favorite impressions learning with Yiscah is how she approaches learning Torah as if one is recalling a dream from the night before, thus opening the door to a “lived“ experience amidst a text that can seem so distant from our own lives.  As such, bring an open heart to her learning opportunities, and Yiscah will do her best to help you become inspired." 

- Jordan Walker


"How amazing that over zoom Yiscah has been able to create a safe, intimate space for sharing our interior lives inspired by the Piaseczner Rebbe. Her modus operandi is very much aligned with the Piaseczner’s teachings - encouraging us to open ourselves intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to Torah.

Very often Yiscah expands the Piaseczner’s text with apt examples from her own personal experiences; encouraging us to do so as well. I have learned from Yiscah that speed in DAVENING without KAVANA may not serve our soul or spiritual longing to connect more deeply with the Divine. I have given myself permission through her gentle and sage guidance to focus on select phrases and big ideas that speak to me. 

Each class is enlivened with deep emotional and intellectual learning along with some historical context. Yiscah has a listening heart and an open mind for all of our queries. 

We are inspired by Yiscah and the  Piaseczner Rebbe to make Torah our own, to expand ourselves, to interpret text with our own ideas and experiences and feel Torah in our everyday lives. Yiscah’s mantra (now mine as well) is to see yourself in the text and the text in you."

- Renee Wohl


"Yesterday was the final class given by Yiscah. It was a bittersweet experience. Bitter because it ended and sweet because aside from signaling a new beginning, I walked away with knowledge of who Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapiro, the Piaseczner Rebbe was, and his amazing teachings. I have come across his name before, but I had no idea of how important and revolutionary his thinking and beliefs were - teachings that can rival the most current eclectic disciplines. In addition, listening to Yiscah’s vast knowledge and delivery of the lectures, kept me looking forward to the weekly classes. Lastly, I liked and appreciate a lot, the time Yiscah allotted to questions and comments. Not many lecturers give their students such time and space. I am so glad I listened to her on Erev Shavuot because if not, I would have never learned about Yiscah and her courses."

- Jenny Katz


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