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The word vidui carries multiple meanings: it is a confession, an admission, an acknowledgement, an assent or agreement. The root of the word is also related to expressing gratitude, as in the prayer, Modeh or Modah Ani (“I give thanks”).

The Vidui prayer is given a central place in our liturgy on Yom Kippur because it is something that human beings desperately need: An opportunity to admit our fallibility.


This year, the question arose: Can the Vidui help us address our most urgent challenges?


As we look at societies around the world, the danger of polarization is omnipresent. It hinders our ability to make wise decisions and poses a danger to our continued wellbeing as a people, as nations, and as a species.


The interpretative translation of the Vidui in the document available below is an attempt to harness the immense power of this prayer and its accompanying ritual, in service of our collective survival. The document also contains an introduction to the Vidui and some relevant source material.

May this Yom Kippur bring us closer to ourselves, our Source, and to one another.

And may we move forward with greater responsibility, empathy and discernment, one breath at a time.

Gmar Chatima Tova - may we all be sealed in the Book of Life,

R' Daniel Raphael Silverstein

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