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We offer two kinds of online courses:

  • Live courses are fully interactive, both during and between sessions. 

  • Recorded courses, which include a private meeting with the course teacher, to help guide you through the course, and lifetime access to all course materials.

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The Shema is the first prayer we teach our children and the last prayer we recite before passing on from this world, said upon waking and sleep. The Shema is the engine of Jewish consciousness.

Yet its esoteric language leaves us riddled with questions: “Hear oh Israel” - why hear rather than know, understand, believe?  Who is speaking, and to whom?  “Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad.” Why both Divine names, what is the deeper meaning of the repetition, and what is the nature of this oneness?

Our questions will invite us into the mystery of G!d’s oneness and our part in creation, guiding us through ripe layers of meaning, and directing us on a path of awareness and genuine connection to self, G!d, and creation.

Rabbi Mordechai Zeller Chagall Dream Dreamidrash AJS Applied Jewish Spirituality.jpg

​Explore your Dreams through a broad range of Jewish texts, and modern psychoanalytic theory.

Join us for this exciting new course at AJS with clinical psychologist and rabbi Mordechai Zeller, as we delve into some ancient dream texts from the Tanach (Hebrew Bible), Talmud, Zohar and from the diaries of the Mystics and Hassidic masters - read together with some classic psychological theory, from Freud and Jung to Bion, Ogden and Eigen.

Each session will focus on archetypal and recurring dream themes. We will trace their appearance in Jewish teachings, from ancient to modern. And then we will learn how to record our dreams and how to begin working with them as engines of transformation in our lives.

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Twelve-session course
Ongoing registration

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Come and join Yiscah and our global community as we meet once a week on Thursdays, from October 7 - December 30 (with one week off for Thanksgiving). 

Each session will be an hour long in total. The first 45 minutes are essential, and the last 15 minutes are optional.

We will begin with a brief teaching from Yiscah (approx. 15 minutes) followed by a sit (approx. 25 minutes) and then conclude with optional sharing and Q & A.



"The courses offered through Applied Jewish Spirituality not only provide a window into the vast world of Chasidic and mystical teachings, but translate the esoteric into practices that can be integrated into ones daily spiritual life. The source sheets for every class are a remarkable resource full of deep and powerful Torah to make the teachings accessible to learners of all backgrounds."

- Rabbi Adam Gindea 

"In so many ways the AJS course I followed redefined 'learning' for me. This is because of the unique way our course leader synthesised rigorous scholarship with practical spiritual practice. Through his personal skills he also created a sense of a community amongst us all - no mean feat for online learning! I ended the course feeling transformed and inspired." 

- Jyll Bradley

"Not only does AJS provide access to an incredibly vast and rich well of Jewish material, but the faculty are really all masters at distilling and effectively transmitting information that ordinarily would remain hidden and inaccessible to curious beginning students. That said, faculty at AJS enthusiastically welcome and cater to the beginners mind who might otherwise feel too intimidated, or perhaps a bit too shy wandering into a traditional beit midrash of learned scholars and other big-time ball players. One really does get the sense that there is a larger learning taking place that the course as a single entity - material, teachers, and students all - participates in. And the importance of this really can’t be understated because its the facilitation of that mutual transmission of mind, body, and spirit that underlies and upholds the integrity of the great worldly wisdom traditions. I don’t know if I would have a Jewish practice if it weren’t for AJS."

- Gabe Gould


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