Free Online Class:  Kabbalah and the Hidden Light of Chanukah

Wednesday December 9th

11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK / 9pm Israel

In times of such uncertainty, how can we tap into our inner strength? 

How can we become sources of light for ourselves and others? 


In this one-hour class, taught by Rabbi Daniel Raphael Silverstein, we will focus on Kabbalistic teachings and practices for bringing  into our lives the hidden light of Chanukah, which is the light of creation, healing and redemption.

With the guidance of the Kabbalists, we we learn about and practice connecting with and strengthening the source of this light which is within each one of us.

This class is a free sample of a year-round course called Kabbalah Through the Calendar. For full details of the entire course, please click here.


To register for this free online class, please click here and write 'Chanukah' as your message.

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