Free Online Class: Learning Torah

through the Voices of Women


With Rabbi Lauren Tuchman

Thursday May 20

9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 5pm UK / 7pm Israel for 75 minutes

We are immensely privileged today to live at a time in which access to Torah learning has become more widely available than ever before. Alongside this general increase in access has come the absolute flourishing of Torah learning by and for women across the spectrum of Jewish practice and experience.

Women’s voices, wisdom and lived experience contribute immeasurably to the centuries-long Jewish sacred textual conversation, often shining light on issues that are of particular significance to women. This class with Rabbi Lauren Tuchman is an opportunity to mine these treasures for the wisdom within.

The commentaries we will examine encompass a wide range of spiritual perspectives and are all written by women or non-binary folks. The wisdom women and non-binary people carry within is as varied as we are.

The session will begin with a teaching, and will be anchored by time for contemplative practice and sharing. People of all gender identities and expressions are warmly encouraged to be a part of this sacred community of study and practice.

All sources will be provided in the original Hebrew and English translation. This course is appropriate for all learners. No previous background or knowledge is required.

Register here for the Zoom link, please write 'Voices' as your message.