Free Online Class: Experiencing Jewish Meditation - Embodied Practices


With Dr. Mira Neshama Niculescu

Wednesday March 10

10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm UK / 8pm Israel for 75 minutes

What is Jewish Meditation, and how to learn to practice it in an authentic way?

The meditations studied and practiced in this class focus the body, and more specifically how the body is considered as a vessel (a keli) not only for a life of holiness (kedusha) but also for spiritual experiences.

The aim of learning Jewish Meditation practices involving the body is threefold: first, to invite us to expand our understanding of what Jewish spirituality and meditation is; second, to relate to our bodies not as separate but as an integral part of our spiritual lives; and third, to be able to integrate these practices into our daily lives.

The class will move from text study (all texts provided in Hebrew and English) to guided meditation practice, with a time for questions and sharing at the end. This course will involve embodied practices such as singing, eating, dancing, or body postures. Get ready for some experimentation!

​This class is a free opportunity to sample a 8-session course that weaves together text study and practice, to empower participants to integrate the practices into their daily lives, incorporating our whole selves – intellectual, emotional, embodied, ethical and spiritual. Together, we will explore the connection between these various levels of our being - our minds, hearts, bodies, speech and actions, and our souls.

Each class will include reading and discussion of a key text, followed by meditation instructions based on the text, meditation practice, and time for questions and sharing at the end. Our work together will complement and strengthen participants' existing spiritual practices such as prayer, ritual observance or yoga.

For full details of the course, please click here.

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