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Israel Reclaimed 

We have been traumatized. 

October 7th pushed us into the realm 

Of thought, 

Of argument,

Of sides.

That pit in the bottom of our gut,

The stone of separation, 

Is begging for hearts to be

Breathed into softening 

Even as our thoughts have lined up 

To take us into battle. 

Israel has been made to feel unsafe 

In the very body of Israel. 

The existential threat 

Has cast us to the furthest reaches

Away from our center. 

Prayer, the journey of transcendence, 

Is paradoxical - 

Through individual bodies,

We leave our bodies 

In order to become

One collective body.

Prayer, the sacred blessing where 

All our limbs can be rewoven

Returning us into our whole.


The act

Of our 


Tiferet Welch

1 Comment

What a perfectly painful and poignant poem! It reaches deeply into my heart and soul. Thank you so much Tiferet.

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