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Ana B'Khoach is an ancient mystical chant, used by many great Kabbalists, that encodes the mysterious 42-letter name of God.

In this online course, taught by Rabbi Ruth Gan Kagan, we will explore the power of this chant like spiritual detectives, discovering a new layer of meaning in each class that relates to our own daily lives.

As we study and chant Ana B’Khoach together, we will encounter deep insights into the nature of reality and a wealth of mystical and kabbalistic practices, ranging from simple ones for everyday use, to advanced ones for those who are further on along the mystical path.

Chanting Ana B'Khoach was suggested as a practice by the great Kabbalist R' Isaac Luria (the Arizal) and we will walk in his path, learning to sing its words with a different niggun (tune) in each class.

The course will include guidance and opportunities to create your own spiritual tools through creative writing and visual art, as well as techniques for using the chant to enrich your practices of prayer, shamanic journeying and spiritual ascent.

Come and experience, through  texts, imagery, chanting and inner attunement how to invite Ana B'Khoach to be a part of your own spiritual growth.



How does it work?


Ana B’Khoach - Kabbalistic Secrets of Ascent is a ten-classs journey.

The classes are recorded (audio and video) and participants can watch or listen to the recordings of the classes at any time they like. 

In each class, our community will study and experience a new aspect of Ana B'Khoach.

Each class includes:


1) A video class with Rabbi Ruth. Each class is 90 minutes long and participants are invited to watch or listen to the recordings at their own convenience.


2) Handouts with original source material, translated from the Hebrew or Aramaic into English. The source material will be thoroughly explained in each class.


3) Instructions and guidance for spiritual practices relating to the content of each class.


Registrants gain lifetime access to all of the course materials.



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