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This is an opportunity to register for both the first and second installments in a course that empowers us to engage experientially with foundational contemplative practices from the Jewish tradition, from text to practice.


The introductory course (Part 1) focuses on introducing Jewish Meditation and giving an overview of various techniques, and Part 2 (Embodied Practices) takes the participants through an exploration of more advanced Jewish meditation practices.

The meditations studied and practiced in Part 2 in this course focus on a dimension that runs across various traditions of Jewish Spirituality, from medieval Jewish thinkers to Kabbalists and Chassidim: the body, and more specifically how the body is considered as a vessel (a keli) not only for a life of holiness (kedusha) but also for spiritual experiences. 


Each class will move from text study (all texts provided in Hebrew and English) to guided meditation practice, with a time for questions and sharing at the end.


How does it work?

The course consists of 17 classes, of 75 minutes each.


The 9 classes of Part 1 and the 8 classes of Part 2 are recorded and ready for your to enjoy at your convenience.


Sessions consist of close study of texts and by guided practice. 


Each session includes:


1) A video class, in which Dr. Mira Neshama leads a 75 minutes study and meditation session. Sessions include a close reading of Jewish texts in their original, clearly translated and explained, together with relevant background information and discussion. 

2) A printable handout of relevant texts from Biblical, Rabbinic, Kabbalistic and Chassidic sources, provided in full translation with introductory comments and guiding questions.

3) A guided practice, informed by the study session and offered with clear instructions by Mira, provided in both audio and video format.

Registrants gain lifetime access to all the course materials.​



"Mira has a gentle, graceful and calming presence, which immediately sets the tone for meditation.  

She is extremely knowledgeable and wise with regard to the traditional teachings of Chassidut and Jewish texts in general, from Torah to the rabbis, to the commentators, to contemporary teachers. She also presents the traditional texts in a relatable and relevant way that makes sense to current meditation practices. Mira always comes prepared with rich, meaningful and varied resources, which she accompanies with beautiful music - current Israeli to traditional  songs and niggunim. All of her sessions are uplifting, inspiring and profound. I'm grateful to have found such a sincere and serious teacher and practitioner in Jewish Meditation. Todah Rabbah, Mira and AJS, for all your excellent offerings."

- Michelle Katz


 "From the first sit, I knew that Mira's teaching style was unique and just what I'd been looking for (though I didn't know it yet). I have enjoyed each and every sit that she has led, from the IJS daily meditations to  the Experiencing Jewish Meditation course with AJS course last fall, and - WOW - her self-love mini-retreat was something truly special. Mira has such a gift for teaching, embracing the community (even on Zoom!), and seeing life for what it is, even in dense, ancient texts."

- Becca Stolz


“Mira is a gem of a teacher and scholar as well as a sweet human being! She skilfully weaves deep scholarship and understanding of Torah and the Jewish mystical tradition with a personal depth of experience in meditation practice and theory. Mira is a true shining light in the field of Jewish mindfulness.”

- Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell, Director of Camp Ramah in Canada and former Director of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality’s Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training


EXPERIENCING JEWISH MEDITATION: PARTS 1 & 2 /////////// 17 classes

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