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What is this course?


The  Sefirot of the Tree of Life are the primary map of existence used in Kabbalah. The Sefirot are often described as attributes of the Divine, or gateways, through which the Divine brings existence into being. The Sefirot can also be understood as archetypes or character traits, which we can identify and refine in our own selves.

In this interactive online course, taught by Rabbi Daniel Silverstein, we will explore the Sefirot in theory and practice, especially the seven lower Sefirot which are the focus of the Omer, the seven-week period between Pesach and Shavuot. 


The Kabbalists instituted a practice of paying attention to a particular Sefirah during each week of the Omer, and a unique combination of the Sefirot on each of its 49 days.

Together, our online community will explore the invitations for growth and healing that each day and each week of the Omer brings, according to our mystical texts, and according to our own unfolding experience of life.


The course consists of 8 online classes:


The first class will introduce the subject. We will first study what the Sefirot are, according to our key mystical texts, and proceed to explore the higher Sefirot of Keter, Chochmah, Binah and Da'at, in theory and practice.

The remaining 7 classes will focus on the 7 lower Sefirot, which relate to the 7 weeks of the Omer.

1) Chesed - loving-oneness, kindness, generosity, expansiveness, love.

2) Gevurah - severity, judgement, boundaries, discipline, measure, restraint.

3) Tiferet - beauty, harmony, compassion, truth.

4) Netzach - endurance, triumph, persistence, eternity.

5) Hod - splendor, glory, gratitude, humility.

6) Yesod - foundation, integrity, bonding, sharing.

7) Malchut - sovereignty, womb, integration, manifestation of something new. This final class will also prepare us for the festival of Shavuot, which is a culmination of the journey from Chesed to Malchut.

All texts are provided with clear line-by-line translations, and no prior knowledge or experience with the subject matter is necessary.


How does it work?

Introduction to Kabbalah: The Sefirot of the Tree of Life is an 8-class journey. The first, introductory class is on Sunday April 5th, and the seven remaining classes are on Mondays, beginning on April 6th and ending on May 18th. All classes are at 9pm Israel Time / 7pm London Time / 2pm Eastern Time / 11am Western Time.


The classes are recorded (audio and video) and participants can join the class online, and/or watch or listen to the recordings of the classes at any time they like. 


The schedule of classes has been designed to optimize participants' ability to deepen their experience of the Omer period. We will study each of the Sefirot four days before the week corresponding to it begins, to give each participant maximum opportunity to prepare for the spiritual work of that week.

Each class includes:


1) A printable handout of Jewish textual sources providing a broad and deep perspective of each of the Sefirot in Torah, Midrash, Talmud, Kaballah and Chasidut, provided in full translation with introductory comments and guiding questions.

2) A one-hour online class, in which we go through the texts together. Rabbi Daniel provides background information, explanation, close reading, critical analysis and practical ideas for applying the teachings in our day-to-day lives. The class can be joined live and/or listened to or watched at your convenience.

3) Clear and down-to-earth instructions for developing our relationship with each of the Sefirot, with the goal of refining our character traits and becoming more whole. These include unique prompts for each of the 49 days of the Omer which offer inspiration for contemplation, writing, singing, visual art or any other medium that allows for creative expression.

4) An ongoing online conversation about the sources and the practices. Here you can ask anything you like, share whatever thoughts and ideas are arising for you, and receive feedback from Rabbi Daniel and, if you choose, from other participants as well.


(this is a new online course, so these testimonials are for other courses taught by R' Daniel)

"Thank you for a wonderful class that was informative, interesting, and well organized. Your knowledge and deep understanding of the materials, and clear and pleasant delivery made it easy to follow and remain engaged! Yishar koach!" - Hanna Ashar, PhD

"Learning with Rav Daniel is a wonderful experience. In his classes he brings an extraordinary range of texts from our tradition and makes them meaningful for our lives today. His deep personal integrity, wisdom and spirituality constantly inspire me to walk the Jewish spiritual path and help me with my own awakening and development." - Rabbi Danny Newman, Founder and Director, HaMakom

"Rabbi Daniel approaches life with a wisdom, kindness, humility, and clarity that elicits joy from everyone he encounters. Learning with him is deeply opening yet gentle – he is able to hold the student with care, while also seeing beyond them to what is possible. It is a true gift to have a teacher with such a passionate commitment to bringing Jewish text to life, guided by an ethics and vision which I trust." - Yael Roberts

"Students surveyed at the end of the series remarked on Daniel’s natural ability for teaching…The enthusiasm and passion Daniel brought to class each session inspired his students…His innovative teaching style encouraged students to reach beyond their comfort zone." - Sarah Chopnick

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