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As we gradually transition out of the winter and into the spring, the trees, bushes, plants and flowers begin to blossom as they break free from having been hidden. Is it any wonder that Pesach or Passover, the time of our liberation, is also referred to as “Chag HaAviv" - The Holiday of the Spring?


Let us explore, discover and prepare for this special holiday, as we too blossom, no longer feeling compelled to live other peoples’ lives, hiding our true selves from ourselves and from others . Let us support each other as we gently shift our focus to addressing the ultimate question that liberates us, “How might I express the purpose for which I have been created?”


In this recorded online course, taught by Yiscah Smith, we will explore teachings from the Piaseczner Rebbe, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira, also known as the Aish Kodesh (1889-1943). We will focus on excerpts from his work, Hachsharat HaAvrachim (Training for Students) that empower us to access the deeper meaning of this period leading up to Pesach (Passover), the Holiday of our Liberation – cultivating a sense of inner freedom to live a life of truth, awareness of the Divine within and becoming faithful to our spiritual center, our soul.


Through textual learning and experiential practice, in this course we will explore how to train ourselves to become more sensitive and open to allowing ourselves to explore and inhabit our inner world. Together, we will learn and experience why passion and feelings are so important to this process, what it means to truly be a feeling person. For example, one important theme in the Rebbe's teachings is deepening our relationship with the Divine through employing meditative visualizations.


​All texts are provided with clear translations, and no prior knowledge or experience with the subject matter is necessary.​


This course is welcoming of advanced students and novices alike.

How does it work?

The course consists of eight recorded online sessions, of approximately 1.25 hours. Participants can watch and listen to the recordings at your own leisure. Each class includes two essential components:


1) A close text-based study of the Piaseczner’s teachings on Jewish spiritual growth.

2) A guided meditative practice focusing on the particular theme studied in that class and how that nurtures and cultivates the spirit of inner redemption, liberation and freedom.



"I have had the great pleasure of studying with Yiscah both through Zoom courses and in person. While her teaching is deeply grounded in the study of traditional text, it is motivated by a desire to share those texts with those of us who do not have the background to find these gems for ourselves and to fashion them into tools for our personal growth. Her ability to weave together traditional knowledge with spiritual insight in order to offer practical guidance for the modern seeker is quite special."

- Andrea DiGaetano Turner, M.D.,Jerusalem

"Words cannot truly describe how inspirational Yiscah’s teachings have been in my life. I was a student of hers at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies for two semesters, and her entire message was simple: cultivate the Divine from within. The small practices she taught us from the Piaseczner Rebbe (Rabbi Kalonymus Shapira) have changed how I live a more authentic life. Her careful attention to detail expresses how Yiscah does everything with a purpose. I believe I live a more mindful life based on the small practices she has taught me."

- Noah H. Bender, Student at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

"Whether I am studying with Yiscah in a private session or in a class with others, I consistently feel I have gone to a higher level of consciousness, higher connection to the source and a deeper connection to self and others.  Moreover, the heightened connection extends beyond the session. The ensuing days my awareness continues to unfold and blossom. Yiscah has opened me up to a new and beautiful world. I shared some of Yiscah’s teachings and guidance at the Passover seder table last year. Not only did I feel alive and vibrant, my son and partner were equally moved.  I am filled with gratitude for Yiscah."

- Francine McMahon, Founder, Capitol Image Counsel, Washington, DC


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