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The Shemoneh Esrei or Amidah is the central Jewish prayer, recited three times a day and even more on Shabbat and holidays. Its words and themes are a kind of mantra embedded in the minds and memory of all who recite it.


And for these very reasons, many people struggle to experience the Shemoneh Esrei as something beyond a ritual formality. Its repetitive nature and archaic language make it hard to engage in the Shemoneh Esrei as a prayerful, devotional practice.


This course with Rabbi Ami Silver unpacks the words, themes and structure of this prayer to uncover its contemplative, experiential core. The Shemoneh Esrei was composed by Sages and Prophets to provide a pathway to the Divine that could be accessed throughout the generations - transcending the limitations of exile, loss and seeming disconnect from God. It is a visionary journey and devotional practice of turning to God in a personal and intimate way. 


Together we will excavate the text of the Shemoneh Esrei to encounter its multiple layers of meaning - the choice of words, hidden Biblical references and underpinnings of this prayer, as well as its Kabbalistic interpretations. 


The course is geared toward accessing the Shemoneh Esrei as the dynamic, experiential practice that it is. To that end, participants will gain a multi-faceted understanding of the layers of meaning in the Shemoneh Esrei, including:


  • A grasp of the full scope of this prayer from beginning to end - What do these words mean? Why do we pray about these things in particular? Why does one blessing follow the other? 

  • An understanding of the emotional-spiritual core at the heart of each of the blessings

  • Practical guidance for engaging with this prayer in a way that is spiritually enlivening and personally relevant


The course combines text study (all texts provided in Hebrew and English), guided practice and a forum for group processing and ongoing support. The content is appropriate for advanced students and novices, although a familiarity with the Shemoneh Esrei and Hebrew language will be valuable.

How does it work?

​The course consists of ten recorded sessions, of approximately 1.25 hours. Sessions are recorded in video and audio so participants can watch or listen at their own leisure. 


Sessions consist of close study of texts and will be accompanied by guided practice. 


Each session includes:


1) A 1.25 hour recorded study session with Rav Ami. Sessions include a close reading of Jewish texts in their original, clearly translated and explained, together with relevant background information.


2) A printable handout of relevant texts from Biblical, Rabbinic, Kaballistic and Chassidic sources, provided in full translation with introductory comments and guiding questions.


3) A guided practice, informed by the study session and offered with clear instruction by Rabbi Ami, provided in both audio and video format.



Registrants gain lifetime access to all of the course materials.

The Ten Sessions


1) Avot and Gevurot: From Beginning to End

2) Kedusha: The Story of Us and God 

3) Kabbalistic Prayer: Re-Creation

4) Da’at, Teshuva and Selicha: Back to the Garden


5) Geulah and Refuah: Healing and Redemption


6) Rain and Ingathering: Homecoming


7) Restoring Justice: Envisioning a Divine World

8) Hoda’ah: Living Gratitude


9) Sim Shalom: Seeking the Face of Peace


10) Bringing It All Home: Prayer and Transformation



This course showed me why "אין קדושה בלי הכנה" - There is no holiness (sacred spark) without preparation (focused intention). This year, R' Ami's eye and heart-opening teachings accompanied me from Rosh Hashana through Yom Kippur and into Sukkot. It is no coincidence that I had one of the most enriching high holiday seasons of recent memory.

 - Karin Fleisch


I do a lot of Jewish education and community work in Germany and France, and in the run-up to the high holidays I was very busy with practical preparations. Taking Rabbi Ami Silver's course was a gift to myself, a framework to let me focus on my own process and inner preparations. It was a fulfilling experience. Old texts were made fresh and deepened with Ami's sensitive readings, he reminded us how powerful and relevant they were, and how they could be guides for the places we needed to work on. For me, it really enriched the high holiday season.

 - Josh Weiner


I've had the privilege to learn with Rav Ami in several different settings, both in person and online. Learning with Rav Ami Silver provides the ongoing nourishment that both my mind and heart seek for sound well being… Rav Ami's style of teaching naturally opens my heart, especially cultivating the courage to move along uncharted areas within my own inner emotional landscape…

 - Yiscah Smith, spiritual activist, educator, mentor and meditation guide

Rabbi Ami is the kind of teacher who can make you forget you're in a "class." Nothing feels formal or formulaic; rather Ami shares his incredible depth of knowledge with a care and gentleness that feels like you're engaged in an in-depth conversation, soul to soul. He creates a space that is built of acceptance, curiosity, and devotion to the Jewish spiritual path.
- Ariel Hendelman



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